The Killing Joke First Image

Fans speculated that the animated Joker would still be played by Mark Hamill in the upcoming Killing Joke movie. After Batman: Arkham Knight Mr. Hamill announced his retirement from that character. Luckily for the fans Mark Hamill happily came out of retirement to play the Joker one more time.


The Killing Joke is one of those comics that stays with the fan. It includes the Red Hood origin story that shows how the Joker in created. This origin has become universally used in all recent Batman entertainment. Mark Hamill has been used as the voice of the Joker in multiple settings, including the movies, various shows, and the Arkham series.

Hamill posted some extremely interesting tweets with various quotes. If the excitement from the tweets were not enough, each one showed the same picture from The Killing Joke movie. Reprising his role as Batman will be Kevin Conroy. Look for The Killing Joke in 2016.

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