Inner Circle Special with Drew Karpyshyn

The Inner Circle Special With Drew Karpyshyn

Recently, website Director Lenwood and myself had the chance to interview esteemed writer Drew Karpyshyn. He’s been involved with the video game industry since he first joined BioWare in 2000, working on such games as Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR), Jade Empire, Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. This is The¬†Inner Circle Special with Drew Karpyshyn.

We’ve already shared some of his thoughts on Mass Effect, now you can check out our full interview. In this interview, we go over Drew’s history in the video game industry, his work on KOTOR, the creation of Mass Effect, Jade Empire and his thoughts on how the video game industry and BioWare have changed. You can check it out on Podbean below, or if you’d prefer a YouTube version, check here.

The Inner Circle Special with Drew Karpyshyn:


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