The Inner Circle Podcast Ep. 85 – Is Phil Spencer Too Late?, Shenmue 1 & 2 on Xbox & E3 Must Be Big!

Welcome to The Inner Circle Podcast Ep. 85! In this week’s show, AnchormanV2 taking a siesta and the remaining crew are joined by a very special guest, Matthew aka NOLAnerdcast of NOLAnerdcast and the Super Deformed Gamescast. The panel starts off discussing the recent Shenmue I and II remaster announcement, and talk about how these games might be received today, as well as if this means Shenmue III is coming to Xbox. Then, the talk shifts to recent comments by Phil Spencer, where he acknowledged that having grown Xbox hardware and services, the first-party output needed to follow. There’s a lot of opinions on this and what Xbox needs to do at E3 2018. Insights are shared, perspectives are discussed and more.

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