The Inner Circle Podcast Ep. 82 – Rare Interview, Is Sea of Thieves is Trash & Whats Next for Xbox

Welcome to the Inner Circle Podcast Ep. 82! In this week’s episode, the TICGN seas are stormy as Kal explains why Sea of Thieves doesn’t deserve the hate it’s getting. Suddenly, a wild Bmuny appears and the debate is on. Anchorman and Sam try to keep the peace and hold the middle ground, with good conversations regarding the recent interview with Craig Duncan, Head of Rare. Then the debate turns to State of Decay 2 and all bets are off. Anchorman states how much he despises zombies in games (while happily killing ghouls in Fallout 4), Kal wants nothing to do with any horror game while Sam and Bmuny argue how enjoyable State of Decay 2 is looking to be. The team also discusses what’s next for Rare, what’s next for Xbox and much, much more.

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