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The Inner Circle Podcast Ep. 30 – Tekken 7 comes to Xbox One?, Xbox Games success & Gears 4 Beta

On Todays TiC Podcast the team brings in fellow Inner Circle Network Podcaster Kid Smoove. ¬†They begin this episodes topic on why games media jumps the gun to publish the wrong information. Think about if MS is making the right moves with Windows 10 and Xbox one sharing games. Finally reflect on the media and fanboys ripping gears of war 4 and it’s Alpha, beta or beta but an alpha sigh.

Lenwood H.
Lenwood H.http://Ticgamesnetwork.com
Head of Ticgamesnetwork and Ticgn LTD, host of The Inner Circle Podcast and executive producer of TiC GamesNetwork Podcast channel. I am a avid gamer, rpg fanatic and anime enthusiasts. Passionate about the games industry and overall tech fan, I love gaming. Contact Me: Lenwood.h@

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