The Humble Spawn Bundle offers a devilish number of comics for a sinfully good price

While Spawn may not be the most successful comic book ever or even the best, it is arguably one of the most important. While independent comic book publishers have existed for decades, there was a need for a publisher that would allow high profile comic artists and writers a better deal than what they could get from Marvel or D.C. at the time. Artist Todd McFarlane established Image Comics in the early 90’s to do exactly that and Spawn was the flagship title. Now you can get a lot of issues from the series for a great price. The Humble Spawn Bundle is live and even paying just one dollar gives you plenty of reading material to get acquainted with the series.

Pay $1 and get:

Spawn Origins Volumes 1 through 6. These volumes include issue 1 through issue 38 with the exception of Spawn #10. There are some legal issues that prevented that issue from being included with this volume but you still get all of the other issues from the first three years of the series.

Pay $8 and get:

All of the above

Spawn Origins Volumes 7 through 13. These volumes include issue 39 through issue 80.

Pay $15 and get:

All of the above

Spawn Origins Volumes 14 – through 20.

Spawn: The Darg Ages The Complete Collection (This is a collection of 28 issues that tells the story of the Medieval Knight Spawn).

Spawn: Resurrection (This is a collection of five issues highlighting the return of Al Simmons as the titular Spawn).

Spawn: Hell on Earth (This is a set of 12 issues chronicling a weakened Spawn who still has many enemies on Earth to battle.)

Spawn: Satan Saga Wars (A set of 7 issues which continues the storyline of the newly returned Al Simmons).

If you are not familiar with the story of Spawn, here is a brief summary. Covert agent Al Simmons is killed and finds himself in Hell. Malebolgia is a devil that rules this particular level of Hell and makes a deal with Al. He can return to Earth as a Hellspawn with a limited amount of power. Once that power runs out Al will go back to Hell and take his place among Malebolgia’s army. The comic details Al’s adventures as Spawn.

So what do you think of the Humble Spawn Bundle? Will you get it for yourself?

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