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“The Fall” Drops Onto Xbox One


In “The Fall” – which is the first in a trilogy, you take the role of the on-board AI: ARID that controls a augmented combat suit. She protects the human inside who is unfortunately unconscious after crashing on this unknown planet. To that end you have to help guide her through this unforgiving terrain in search of aid for her human host before it’s too late. Along the way she finds evidence of events that has happened on the planet which forces her to reflect on her own protocols.

Get yourself ready for a disturbing journey as you fight, explore, and think your way forward, expanding ARID’s world, in spite of her protocols. Can she save her human and possibly herself before it’s too late?

From the website:
“The Fall is a unique combination of adventure-game puzzle solving, and side-scroller action, all set within a dark and atmospheric story. Exploration will be paramount to surviving your adventure. Utilize ARID’s flashlight to uncover a myriad of interactive objects.”

The Fall is now available on Xbox One at a $9.99 USD price tag.




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