The Division is Free to Play on Xbox One this Weekend

Ubisoft is going to give players a chance to play The Division this weekend on the Xbox One for free. The free play period comes on the heels of a free huge  update today that opens up a new area to play. Players will be able to start playing on December 6th through the 10th.

While you play through the game this weekend don’t forget to enjoy the three expansions as well. The new update will bring players to the West Side Pier, the area that is dominated with an impressive air craft carrier. Players will be getting two new modes in hopes of taking over the air craft carrier. In Resistance you and other players face off against waves of enemies. Skirmish pits two teams of four against each other in combat.

If you own The Division for the Xbox One and haven’t purchased the expansion then this is the time to check them out. From today until December 10th players will have the chance to play all three expansions. Of course if you feel like buying them they are discounted on the Xbox Live Store.

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