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The division drops player trading at launch

Ubisoft confirmed that The Division lost it’s player trading feature.¬†Associate creative director Julian Gerighty told Games Radar this feature won’t be in the game at launch, citing the “priority of different features” as the reason behind the removal. “It’s the reality of production. Some features make it, some features don’t, ” he explains this ability however wont be a ‘day one’ thing. “It might make an appearance int the future someday.”

This is not the first time that Ubisoft cut the companion app back at E3 last year. Due to balancing issues with it’s player-controlled drones. But they did however manage to give us a fully animated dog that has been all the talk as of late. The Division Beta drops on January 28th exclusively on Xbox One for one day, followed by the PS4 release on the 29th.

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