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The Division Closed Beta Proved Fatal

Ubisoft released some awesome numbers for the Closed Beta which ran earlier this month. During that time a massive 298 Million kills were logged by 14 Billion bullets being fired and 10 Million granades being thrown. The most popular and lethal weapon in the game was the M4.

Not only was the game extremely fatal, Gamers in the beta loved closing car doors with 7 Billion being shut by players in the game world.

The total number of hours being spent in the 3 day Closed beta was over 621 Million hours, with one gamer raking in over 90 hours (the Beta lasted for 120 hours), which is impressive. 6.8 Million games were played during the weekend, and 4.2 Million hours were spent in the Dark Zone which is the PvE style RPG zone where players combat each other for the best loot.

The Division will have an Open Beta during the weekend of the 19th to the 21st of February, with the game launching in March 8th. The game will be available on XBox One and other platforms.

David Whitaker
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