The Division Beta Had Over 6 Million Players

This weekend Ubisoft released some numbers from The Division open beta that was held recently. The amount of people that spent time in the game is a staggering 6.4 million. The population of the real New York City is about 8.4 million people according to the 2014 census. Put another way, the total number of players in The Division beta easily eclipses the amount of people who played in the Destiny beta a few years ago (4.6million).

Take that in for a second, an amount of players almost equal to New York City’s actual population was accounted for in this beta. Ubisoft was so proud of this weekend they gave us a few more stats to look over:

“On average, players spent around 5 hours as an activated sleeper agent journeying through The Division’s open world. The Dark Zone proved to be particularly popular, with players spending around 2-hours in the PVP zone, with almost 50% of agents turning Rogue in the process. Fun fact: over 63 309 800 contaminated items were successfully extracted out of the Dark Zone.”

I can safely say that I was in that fifty percent. I went rogue a few times, though my character’s life expectancy dropped when I did this. Check out The Division when it releases on March 8th.

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