The Culling 2

The Culling 2 Has Been Revealed

There has no doubt been a spike in Battle Royale games since PUBG kicked the genre into gear and then Fortnite blew up overnight. Since then there have been some smaller games that have tried their hand at the genre. We now have a newish contender in the Battle Royale genre as The Culling 2 was just announced today, to the surprise of many.  It is surprising as development on the original game ceased back in late 2017. The Culling 2 will be available for download tomorrow on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Check out the announcement trailer for The Culling 2:

The Culling returns to take Battle Royale to the next level. Real-world weapon ballistics. A strategically brutal melee combat system. Perks to customize your play style. Fifty contestants will drop in and compete for glory, but only one will be crowned the winner. Do you have what it takes? Find out tomorrow on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam PC.

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