The Cloverfield Paradox Announced, Available Exclusively on Netflix

Well that was a surprise announcement. During the 2018 Super Bowl, a new ad confirmed something incredible: a new film in the Cloverfield franchise was on the way, titled The Cloverfield Paradox and it will be available to watch exclusively on Netflix after the football game ends.

Here’s the eerie and exciting teaser trailer

Wow. The most recent film in the series, 2016’s 10 Cloverfield Lane, was more of an anthology-type spinoff, rather than a direct sequel. This film on the other hand, appears to be a direct sequel focused on answering some questions from the original Cloverfield. Still-moving detached hands, a distinctly sci-fi horror focus, directed by Julius Onah and produced by J.J. Abrams? Suffice to say I know what I’m watching soon.

Here’s the (incredibly brief) official synopsis: 

Ten years ago, some thing arrived. Today, we know know why. THE CLOVERFIELD PARADOX  premieres on Netflix tonight after the big game.



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