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The Big 3 of Webtoons Are Getting An Anime Adaptation as Crunchryoll Originals

If you need more convincing of what’s to come out of the Webtoon and Crunchyroll deal, well let me give you some more peace of mind. The digital comic service as just announced that Tower of God, Noblesse and The God of Highschool anime adaptations are coming as Crunchyroll originals, and all of them will be releasing this year in 2020. However, that’s not all we also get a small glimpse of one of the recently announced series in a trailer that you can see below.

We’ve already known that these series were getting an anime adaptation, but it is always nice to see it being confirmed by Webtoons themselves. As of now, all we know is that the Tower of God’s anime will release this spring. As far as the other two series go, we will update you as soon as more information is released. So make sure to check back with us to stay updated on all the latest news going on with Webtoons and Crunchyroll.

Let us know what are your thoughts in the comment section below are you excited for the big 3 of webtoons, Tower of God, Noblesse and The God of Highschool anime are coming? Also, let us know what series would you like to get an anime adaptation next?

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Source: Webtoons Twitter, Cruchyroll


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