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The Arbiter Is Coming to Killer Instinct!

After the announcement that Battletoad‘s Rash was coming to Killer Instinct, developer Iron Galaxy said that the game would be receiving more guest characters. Well it looks like the second guest character has been revealed and it’s the Arbiter from Halo!

Microsoft has released a teaser trailer that shows what appears to be Arbiter’s stage, with the Covenant in a middle of a heated battle. The bottom half of Arbiter is shown walking forward until he ignites his trademark Energy Sword and then the trailer cuts to the Killer Instinct logo.

While it doesn’t show a whole lot of the character, not even any of his moves, it’s still an exciting announcement! A full trailer for Arbiter is expected to come closer to his release date, which is currently unknown.

Iron Galaxy previously said there would only be two guest characters for Killer Instinct season 3, which were obviously Rash and the Arbiter; however, they’ve recently stated that they’re open to more guest characters if there’s fan demand for them. I’m personally hoping that Perfect Dark‘s Joanna Dark will get in the game.

Killer Instinct is available now on Xbox One with Season 3 and a Windows 10 release expected to come out in March.

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