Tesla Vehicles will get a Unity and Unreal Engine Port says Elon Musk

Love him or hate him, Elon Musk has had a long history of starting up companies that have strived to push innovative technology to its limits. Take Tesla for example. The Tesla vehicles have led the way in terms of green energy across the United States. It’s this innovation that has pushed other car manufacturers to follow suit with their own clean energy offerings. Now Musk is looking to add a new feature to Tesla vehicles that could trickle down to other car manufacturers if the trend catches on.

Imagine playing Forza in a Tesla

According to Elon Musk’s Twitter feed Unity will soon be ported to the onboard Tesla computer. A port of Unity should make it so that Unity built games could run on the device. Not only that, Musk also confirms that Unreal Engine will also be ported to Tesla vehicles. With this in mind developers could start making Tesla exclusive games and like the CEO mentions, could take advantage of onboard input methods like the touchscreen, steering wheel and even pedals.

While Musk and gamers can dream of playing games like Fortnite, Ori and the Blind Forest, and more Unity/Unreal Engine games on their vehicles developers would need to do the hardwork of porting the game and as we have seen in the gaming industry, developers only port games to consoles they believe will make enough money to offset the costs of the port. The main question every developer will have is should they risk spending a ton of money for a small market of Tesla owners? Musk himself even mentions these developers in passing.

Minecraft for Tesla’s?

In the end it will depend on the developer on whether or not their games will come to Tesla vehicles.

Roadblocks aside, Musk deserves some praise for his gaming efforts. As technology evolves so does human interaction and with vehicles coming close to becoming fully autonomous the question that comes to mind is how will people spend their time in their cars when the cars themselves can drive you anywhere?

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