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Tesla Gaming: Cuphead Release Date

By now, you’ve probably heard that hit indie title Cuphead is coming to the in-car gaming arcade available in Tesla vehicles. But did you hear about the latest information? Yesterday on Twitter, Tesla founder Elon Musk replied to a thread about Chess on the arcade with several tidbits of new information – including that we should expect Cuphead to be available sometime in the next month. While he didn’t give us an exact date, he did give us plenty of other information.

Some of the new information that Musk dropped was that while we can expect Cuphead to run in a stunning 60 frames per second on Tesla vehicles, we shouldn’t expect it to be in 4k resolution. It makes sense when you think about the game’s retro style. He didn’t elaborate on whether we could expect 4k visuals to be available for other games, but we can hope.

Among his several replies, Musk also confirmed that the Unity port was all but done. What remains is to “[finesse] the controls,” as he put it. We’re glad to hear that he’s making sure the controls work well on Teslas! Musk also brought up game storage. While it sounds like the vehicles don’t have much space for games, that doesn’t mean there’s a reason to be upset. You’ll be able to use USB drives to expand your vehicle’s storage capacity.

And when it comes to additional games, Musk had us covered as well. Titles such as Minecraft and Roblox are in his sights for possible additions to the arcade. It’s impossible to know which games will end up available in the end, but the selection is off to a promising start.


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