Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Terminator is Coming to Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Even though the movie franchise should be done making films for a while, its nice to see the Terminator being used in other ways. Ubisoft has announced a Terminator Live Event that will be taking place in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. You know that lackluster game everyone was excited about that no one is really playing.

In this event, players will be able to collect new weapons, attachments, and vehicles. The video above was extremely brief and we don’t know much more at the moment other than the date. Players will be able to join the event on January 29th in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

Look for more later this week at the event. Hopefully, this will get players back into this game. Did you miss some of the news that came out this weekend? Take a look at a game coming to the Nintendo Switch and EB Games Canada posted something they shouldn’t have.

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