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Telltale’s Game of Thrones, a Series Review. (Spoiler free)

Game of Thrones has become much more than a TV show since it’s airing in 2011, pop culture phenomenon on a level only rivaled by Star Wars and select franchises. It would make sense that video games would be made but apart from a forgettable RPG from 2012 and a surprisingly addictive Facebook game there was nothing that captured the spirit of the books and show. Enter Telltale.

Hot off the heals of The Walking Dead S1&2 and The Wolf Among Us, Telltale announces a deal with HBO and George R.R. Martin to make a game and by Jupiter if it isn’t just brilliant.


With Telltale story is king, as their name would suggest, and the did what many film companies failed to do with Martin’s books. Instead of telling the story of the main characters they mined the books for side characters and found ways for them to interact with key figures. The side characters in question being House Forrester and their grudges against House Whitehill and by association House Bolton and the Crown.

The story is as dense and political as a GOT game should be with the added nuggets of action scenes spread throughout. The story is fantastic, constantly keeping you on the edge of your seat, always getting you into a false sense of security. There is so much I could go into but for the sake of spoilers I won’t but needless to say if you love Game of Thrones or player choice games then this will be more than satisfying to you.


I’m not going to sit here and say that these are the best Telltale characters because they aren’t Clementine and Lee (Walking Dead). More than other Telltale games it’s very important for side characters and the world to be more interesting than the playable characters, this is partly down to the fact that Westeros is HUGE and to acknowledge 20% would be more content than The Walking Dead seasons 1 and 2. The other reason is they have the actors from the show, it’s incredibly rewarding and ultimate fan service to hang out with Magaery Tyrell, Tyrion and Cersei Lannister, Jon Snow, cower in fear of Ramsey Bolton and fight a war for Danaerys Targaeryen.


The Forrester family are not the most charismatic group of people but considering they’re going through the worst tragedy in their history it’s forgivable and after episode two I realized why they CAN’T be. Telltale have really tried to make this more immersive by making the characters blank canvas so you can project yourself into the story, moreso than other Telltale games I felt like I was in the game and my decisions had real cause and effect on a very large scale. And as for the ending of episode 6, if you didn’t like it that was your fault for messing up.


I’ve heard complaints about how the game runs but I found it smoother than James Earl Jones talking about chocolate with a slow jam in the background. Telltale’s point and click is top notch once again and doesn’t force you to talk to everybody like in The Walking Dead, it was completely faultless.



While Tales From The Borderlands stole all the headlines with nines and tens flying all over the place and they’ve hit it out of the park again.

Leave a comment as to what franchise Telltale should tackle next, I think Kill Bill would be fantastic.

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