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The TiC Live Show EP 8

Welcome back to another exciting episode of The TiC Live Show! In Episode 8, we dive deep into the latest and greatest from the...

The Golden Days of Xbox Live: Why Version 1 Was Better

Introduction For many gamers, Xbox Live has been a pivotal part of their gaming journey. It's a platform that has evolved over the years, and...

FTC Documents Reveal Leak of Upcoming All-Digital Xbox Series X Refresh

"In 2024, Microsoft has ambitious plans to introduce a revamped version of its Xbox Series X console, featuring a completely redesigned look and a...

2-disc game versus a 100GB which would you prefer?

As a gamer, the choice between having a 2-disc game versus a 100GB download is a matter of personal preference. While digital downloads are...

Lazy RPG Gamer’s influenced Final Fantasy XVI Game Play?

Recently, Squre-Enix showcased their upcoming release Final Fantasy XVI during their State of Play event. While the game appears promising, I'm concerned about one...

Microsoft’s Should acquire Mistwalker Corp and create a JRPG branded studio

Microsoft has been on a roll lately with its acquisitions, having purchased companies like Bethesda and Obsidian. These acquisitions have helped to expand the...

Prince Pops Play, the father and son streaming team will be taking over the official Xbox Twitch channel

Have you heard the exciting news? Prince Pops Play, the father and son streaming team, will be appearing on the official Xbox Twitch channel...

Intel ARC A770 With Free Call of Duty MW 2

Intel has recently released their new video card, known as the Intel Arc. This video card is available for the low price of just...

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