Fallout 76

Take a Peek at the Fallout 76 Summer Roadmap

Bethesda is still working hard at making Fallout 76 better every day for the players who have stuck around. During QuakeCon this year a Summer roadmap was released showing the events of what will be happening in the next few months.

As you can see from the image above Fallout 76 is getting some great events this Summer. On August 1st, the Season Meat Week event begins. Players can earn Legendary Scrip from everyones favorite super mutant Grahm. New Vault raids will also begin this Summer as well. Those raids start on August 20th, that should give you plenty of time to prepare for them. It even gives a look at what’s happening this September with the improvements the developer is bringing to the game.

I haven’t actually jumped into this game yet. With the lack of time that I have during the week  I think I might get some time to play Fallout 76 after all these events are over. So if you have the time take a jump into Fallout 76.

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