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System Update 5.0.0 Available For Nintendo Switch

The latest firmware update for your Nintendo Switch is available to download now. Here is a list of features available from the update.

New Friend Suggestions – If you have your Facebook or Twitter accounts linked to your Nintendo account, you will see friend suggestions based on your contacts from those social media platforms. This feature is reserved for players who are 13 years of age or older.

New Icons – There are 24 new icons from Arms and the Kirby games for you to select for user accounts.

Improved Digital Purchases From Other Devices – Your digital games purchased from PC or smart devices should begin downloading to your Switch sooner rather than later. Downloads should begin even if your Switch is in Sleep mode.

News Filtering – You will be able to opt for news from specific channels.

Parental Control – Your parental control PIN will now be entered with the control stick and buttons. Some children were able to figure out the PINs by examining the touch screen to see where their parents had touched the surface. Additionally, captured video clips can also be restricted by parental controls. Finally, you can use the Parental Control app for your smart device to manually add games to your whitelist of approved titles.

Download Notification – You will now receive a notification when a digital game has been downloaded and is ready to play.

What do you think of the latest firmware update for the Nintendo Switch? Is there anything here that interests you?

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Jason Mckendricks
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