Switch Play Ep.5 Scratch-gate Bend-gate

The Nintendo Switch has been received beautifully. This is apparent from the constant public praise and most noteworthy, the sales numbers. The Switch moved units just fast enough to outpace the Wii 2-day sales record in the Americas, according to The New York Times’ reporter Nick Wingfields tweet. It’s looking like there isn’t much that can slow down the success of the Switch at this point. If anything were to, I would say it would have been the scratching and over heating reports that could do it. Even with this negative press, thankfully Switch is unfazed.

In this installment of “Switch Play” I found myself in an unusual place, a golf course. Playing my Switch and filming, I ran into the owner of this course. Upon explaining to him what I was doing, he requested I take a view shots of his course. With all the excitement he expressed from the idea, how could I say no? I hopped into a golf cart he provided me and took footage. Due to some serious wind over the course of the week, I decided to use a voice over for clarity. I discuss with you my personal experience with the Nintendo Switch dock. I quickly visit the topic involving reports of users having their Nintendo Switch bend from over heating.

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