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Sweet Home Webtoon Is Headed To Netflix!

Well If you are a fan of Youngchan Hwang & Carnby Kim’s work then this is some pretty exciting news. It has been announced that the Sweet Home Webtoon is head towards Netflix. The series will be directed by Lee Eung Bok. The series will be a live-action adaptation. So if you were hoping for an anime adaptation well let’s just say Crunchyroll might have you covered down the line. What’s even more impressive is the budget Netflix is throwing out.

It has been reported that Netflix will be spending roughly 2.4 million dollars an episode, which is double of what they’re spending to make an episode of The Kingdom which cost around 1.2 million. At this time there is no information regarding when the series will release or how many episodes it will have, but don’t worry we will keep you updated as soon as more information is released.

If you haven’t heard of Sweet Home here is a brief synopsis: “After an unexpected family tragedy, a reclusive high school student is forced to leave his home — only to face something much scarier: a reality where monsters are trying to wipe out humanity. Now he must fight alongside a handful of reluctant heroes to try and save the world before it’s too late.”

If you are interested in reading the series you can do so here. Also, check out their past work titled BASTARD which you can also read here.

Source: Koreaboo

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