Super Mario Odyssey Will Get A Free Update

Are you all done with Super Mario Odyssey and looking for something else to do? Don’t take that game out of your Switch just yet – Nintendo has announced a new update that adds a new multiplayer experience as well as additional outfits for Mario to wear and some new photo filters as well.

After you beat the campaign, you will find a new multiplayer activity called Balloon World. Mario’s brother, Luigi, is waiting for you with a large bouquet of brightly colored balloons. In “Hide It” mode you are given thirty seconds to hide a balloon somewhere in one of the game’s kingdoms. In “Find It” mode, you must find a balloon hidden by another player within thirty seconds. Your success in either mode boosts your online rankings. The idea is to become very familiar with the game’s kingdoms so that you can easily find the most well hidden spots for your balloons.

As previously mentioned, the update also includes new outfits Mario can wear during your adventures as well as filters you can use for your snapshots. Two filters shown include a neon outline and an all gold filter which is reminiscent of New Super Mario Bros. 2 on 3DS.

The Super Mario Odysssey update will be available some time in February.

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