Suicide Squad Trailer 3 Is Now Out! Money Well Spent?


The third trailer for DC’s Suicide Squad is out and it’s mayhem. More Joker, more Harley, more flames, fast cars and destruction! This certainly looks like the Suicide Squad movie the fans have been asking for. But hey, don’t take my word for it go watch it for yourself!

Disobey and you die!

It looks like the money spent on those re-shoots was worth it. If you didn’t know, DC recently spent quite a lot of cash on extra content for the superhero flick. Rumour had it that these were to add humour in the wake of Batman v.s Superman criticism, but according to the director David Ayer he has just been packing more action in. See what he had to say this morning below:

So what are you waiting for? Head below to the comments and tell us what you thought of the new trailer!

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