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Story And Setting Details About ReCore Emerge

Microsoft surprised many gamers when they announced ReCore, a game that was already in development by Keiji Inafune and several of Metroid Prime’s creators during their E3 press conference. A teaser video was shown in which we saw a young woman named Joule and a robotic dog named Mack exploring a hauntingly beautiful post apocalyptic landscape.



Unfortunately, we did not see much in the way of gameplay during the teaser and very little story elements were revealed. Thanks to the good people at Gamers Sphere, we now have a few more details about this intriguing game.

It turns out that Joule is one of the few humans left on this planet and she has a very deep bond with Mack that is apparently a major part of the story. Mack is a member of a loose assortment of robots that are attempting to reestablish the presence of humans on this world. These robots are presumably the ones identified by their blue core spheres. Another group of robots seeks to thwart Joule and Mack from bringing humans back to the planet.

recore red

As you progress through the game Joule will befriend an assortment of robots with their own behaviors,powers and abilities. Should a robot ally meet its untimely demise Joule can place its core into another robot body and the robot can continue to aid you on your quest. You will be able to collect multiple cores and use them to power up dormant robot bodies or you can use the cores to upgrade existing robot cores.

We still do not know much about Recore’s gameplay but apparently sandstorms can change the layout of the world around you. It is possible you may find a path to a previously unacceptable area or that you might have to make a dangerous detour to your destination because your intended path no longer exists.

ReCore is currently scheduled for a Spring 2016 release.

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