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State of Decay 2 Has Crossed 3 Million Players, Independance Pack DLC to Celebrate

Today, an announcement was made through Xbox Wire that State of Decay 2 has crossed 3 million players. This is a big accomplishment, since earlier this month the game crossed the two million player mark. Just a short while ago, the May NPDs were released, revealing that State of Decay 2 was the best-selling game for the month of May.

To celebrate, the first DLC for the game has launched. The Independence Pack DLC includes new American Revolution-themed weapons and vehicles that make killing zombies even more fun, all with festive fireworks. This DLC is included in the Ultimate Edition or is available for $4.99 as a standalone purchase.

Here’s everything the Independence Pack includes: 

Roll through enemies with 3 crazy new vehicles, each with its own unique anti-zed modifications!

  • Pyrohawk (a hatchback that shoots off fireworks at any undead trying to get in)
  • Burninator (a truck with side-mounted flamethrowers)
  • Meatwagon (a cargo van that drops zombie-luring chunks of red meat in its wake)

Deploy gratuitous explosions with 2 thrilling new ranged weapons!

  • Pyro Launcher (ignite the hordes with this multibarrel Roman candle)
  • Starshank Launcher (impales a target with an explosive noisemaker)

Bust undead heads with 3 patriotic new melee weapons!

  • Freedom Ringer (a gloriously decorated baseball bat) Grillmeister (once a backyard tool, now a razor-edged dealer of death)
  • BBQ Fork (a utilitarian new close-combat weapon)

There’s more though, as patch 2.0 is rolling out bringing tons of bug fixes and some new content for free.

Here’s what patch 2.0 is bringing to the game: 
  • “Revolutionary War” zombies can now appear in the world.
    • Who knew there were so many history buffs in town right when the outbreak occurred?
  • 20 new missions now available to players:
    • 10 ambient missions, which can occur as players explore the map.
    • 7 enclave missions, expanding the stories that can be told about neighboring groups.
    • 3 community missions, offering new options for your group to solve crucial problems.
  • New Red Talon & Network weapons added to the game:
    • Danforth Slugger (a lead-filled baseball bat).
    • Trumbull Gatekeeper (a lovingly improved model 70).
    • RTX Extermination Blade (a military-grade zombie fightin’ blade).
    • RTX Cyclone (a fully automatic 12 gauge pistol).
    • RTX Rampart (a Vulture .44 with automatic fire, able to stop a charging juggernaut).
    • Previous Red Talon weapons have been rebranded as RTX and given new coats of paint:
      • SOCOM II RT is now the “RTX Hordebreaker”.
      • Scar-H RT is now the “RTX Stormbringer”.
      • Vector Ultracompact RT is now the “RTX Piranha”.
  • A new “Rare Books” trader can appear every few game days, with the following new skill books available for the low low price of 1500 Influence: Driving, Lichenology, Fishing, Scrum Master.

There’s also a truly impressive number of bug fixes coming in this patch. You can find the full list of fixes and improvements right here.

Undead Labs is committed to improving and adding to State of Decay 2. If they keep this up, it’s hard to imagine the community won’t continue to grow. If you’d like to learn more about Undead Labs plans moving forward, check out our interview with Design Director Richard Foge.

Samuel Tolbert
Samuel Tolberthttp://Ticgamesnetwork.com
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