Stardew Valley Multiplayer Update Will Roll Out Fairly Soon

The eagerly anticipated multiplayer update for RPG/farming simulator hybrid Stardew Valley is currently in the Quality Assurance phase and game bugs are being fixed very quickly according to a tweet from the creator himself:

We do not have a confirmed release date yet but the update is expected to launch in early 2018. The update will allow you to recruit as many as three friends who will live and work on your farm. Each player can have his or her own inventory and even get married. There is a possibility that players could marry each other within the game if they wish to do so.

Another feature of the upcoming update may be of equal importance – horses in the game will be able to wear hats.

The update will roll out for PC, Mac and Linux players first. Switch players will get the update soon after and finally PS4 and Xbox One players can join in on the fun.

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