Reminder: Starcraft II is Becoming Free to Play

Starcraft II fans were given some surprising news last weekend. The game will be free to play… in a way. Players will be able to download the game and one campaign starting November 14th. You may have forgotten in the last week so I think its good to have a reminder.

Players will get the chance to experience Starcraft II without having to spend a dime. The thing is some of the game will still locked to the player. The first thing that you will get to play is the Wings of Liberty campaign which focuses on the human side of the war. As the Blizzard site explains for players that purchased this already,”if you purchased Wings of Liberty prior to October 31, 2017, you’ll receive the second installment in StarCraft II’s campaign, the zerg-focused Heart of the Swarm, as a limited time offer from November 8 to December 8.” So make sure you claim your second campaign for free if you already bought the game.

Players will get the chance to unlock ranked play with all the units from the three campaigns. All they will have to do is earn 10 First Wins of the Day in unranked or versus online play. The new Co-Op Commanders will be free as well. Basically you will get to play almost the full game for free. The last two campaigns are the only things that you will really have to pay for. Those go for $14.99 each or as a bundle for $39.99.



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