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Star Wars Episode IX will feature more celebrity stormtrooper cameos

The Imperial Stormtroopers are among the most generic movie villains in the entire history of film. Outside of Captain Phasma and Finn, the stormtroopers from all of the Star Wars films do not get much attention beyond being used as fodder in battle scenes. With that said, Disney has been sneaking in cameos from a number of famous celebrities who have donned the iconic white armor of the Empire’s soldiers. Daniel Craig – best known for his role of James Bond – has played a stormtrooper and so has Prince William and Prince Harry (though they did not make it to the theatrical cut of The Last Jedi. It looks like the tradition will continue in Star Wars Episode IX as a certain celebrity chef has been seen on the set of the new movie training with the other actors who play stormtroopers.

If you were thinking of Gordon Ramsay then I would ask you to guess again. The newest stormtrooper is chef Jamie Oliver.

This reveal comes to us from The Sun who reports that the British chef has visited Pinewood Studios and donned the stormtrooper armor for a brief role on the upcoming film. Interestingly enough, this is not Oliver’s first time inside of the suit. Back in 2015 he dressed up as a stormtrooper to walk his two daughters to school and later donned the armor again for his son’s birthday.

There will undoubtedly be plenty of other celebrity cameos in Star Wars Episode IX and not just within the ranks of the Empire. The Resistance has had its share of cameos and even Carrie Fisher’s dog can be seen in The Last Jedi.

Jason Mckendricks
Jason Mckendrickshttp://Ticgamesnetwork.com
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