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Star Wars: Battlefront’s Free Battle of Jakku DLC Now Available


Although veteran developer Dice has been on the receiving of a lot of stick for Battlefront’s controversial DLC season pass, it is however trying to appease fans and make amends.

Starting on December 1, fans who preordered Battlefront are eligible to download the free Battle of Jakku DLC, while others will have to wait until December 8. The DLC’s release date coincides with The Force Awakens’ premiere on December 14.

EA have previously stated that the Battle of Jakku consists of a new ‘planet’ that hosts two new maps, in addition to a new 20 vs. 20 multiplayer mode, Turning Point, where Rebel forces attempt to capture three control points and must venture deeper into Empire territory to win.

Turning Point introduces a timer mechanic. The Rebels can extend the game’s length by successfully capturing control points, where the objective is to destroy the Imperial base before time runs out. Players will be able to pilot airspeeders and AT-STs and witness the chaotic, yet beautiful, scene of a Super Star Destroyer crashing down in the middle of action.

While this a good first step by Dice and EA, gamers are highly anticipating upcoming free DLC in 2016.

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