Star Wars: Battlefront II Leaves Season Passes In The Dark Side

The upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront II will not offer season passes according to a statement from the game’s creative director, Bernd Diemer. “We don’t have a season pass,” he said during the official reveal.

Of course, this does not necessarily mean there won’t be any paid expansions in Battlefront II. Diemer’s words are a bit vague and he could simply have meant that expansion packs could not be purchased with a season pass. We’ll bring you an update when Diemer explains his comment.

Paid expansion packs have been known to be problematic for some multiplayer games. The number of players who have access to paid expansion maps tends to be significantly smaller than the game’s install base.

One interesting tidbit about Star Wars: Battlefront II… The console versions of the game will include offline co-op. This is certainly welcome news for those who appreciate local multiplayer titles.

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