Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Today at E3 Ubisoft’s Red Storm division revealed a virtual reality game based on Star Trek. They gave us our first official look at this team based space fighting game called Star Trek Bridge Crew. This game is to coming out later this year to all virtual reality platforms, you can watch it being played on a Oculus Rift, using Touch motion controllers.  You can also see a few familiar faces playing this game The Next Generation’s LeVar Burton, Voyager’s Jeri Ryan, and the Star Trek reboot Karl Urban.

With the many official Star Trek video games, there ARE already so many games inspired by space exploration but with this game they want you to feel like your really in the bridge of a ship, working as a team to explore the final frontier. Let’s hope you can find enough friends with VR headsets to join you on your mission. Keep tuned to us for all your E3 news and let me know what you think in the comments below what you think.


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