Star Trek Beyond is King of the Box Office

This weekend fans witnessed the release of the third movie from the current Star Trek series. Star Trek Beyond opened up this weekend with a very respectable haul. Star Trek Beyond has taken in an estimated $59 million this weekend. This opening is far below what the first two movie took in each others opening weekend. The first Star Trek opened with $75 million back in 2009 while Into Darkness grossed $70 million.

Ice Age 5 bombed this weekend only bring in $21 million in its domestic opening. The movie did make $178 million in the international market place. With a pending release in China this looks to be extremely profitable even with a dismal domestic release. The horror movie Lights Out opened with a very strong $21 million coming in fourth. Ghostbusters dropped down to third place taking in $21.6 million. This weekend saw some strong openings along with a constant showing from other movies.

Top Five Weekend Movies


  1. Star Trek Beyond – $59.6 million
  2. The Secret Life of Pets – $29.3 million
  3. Ghostbusters – $21.6 million
  4. Lights Out – $21.6 million
  5. Ice Age: Collision Course – 21 million

Last weekend I predicted that Star Trek Beyond would be the top movie. I stated: “The top spot for next week should be taken by the new Star Trek; if it can beat out completion from these animated movies.” I didn’t realize at that moment that Ice Age was basically done as a franchise in this region. Trek easily beat out Secret Life of Pets and it looks like it could be number one next week. Next week Bourne, Nerve, and Bad Moms will be coming to theaters. Out of those three I can see Jason Bourne taking the top spot for at least the next two weeks.

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