Spotify Could Soon Be Coming To Xbox One

While the ability to listen to our favorite tunes while gaming is a much appreciated feature, there is something about the experience that has been missing on Xbox One. There is no integration for Spotify meaning users of that service have no way of importing their playlists into their games.

That may soon change. Two Reddit users claim that they have seen evidence which could suggest that Spotify is finally coming to Xbox One.

The first clue comes from a user known as Geralt_De_Rivia who follows Major Nelson on Xbox Live and noticed he was using Spotify and that the app was specifically built for Xbox. He snapped a photo on his phone and uploaded the image for others to see.

The next sighting came from another user named GhostlyCrowd who claims to have seen confirmation of an Xbox version of Spotify on a retailer training portal. He posted the image below.

As compelling as these images may be, Spotify has not yet been officially announced for Xbox One so it is prudent to take these posts with a grain of salt. That said, it would be a very welcome app on Xbox One.

Do you think these screenshots are legitimate? Let us know!

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