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Spoiler Filled One Punch Man Toonami Trailer

Western Audiences are Introduced to One Punch Man Thanks to Toonami

Toonami, the Cartoon Network company, has released a trailer with a rather large showcase for the One Punch Man English dub. Saitama, the main protagonist, has plenty of screen time in this trailer showing off his spiffy new English voice chords. Genos fans will have to wait until future trailers or the release of the show for their fill.

Newcomers to the One Punch Man anime beware: to call the trailer a teaser would be a huge mislead. Even for a show called One Punch Man, in which viewers can guess how out comes of fights will go down, Toonami has pretty much ruined a lot of the confrontations between Saitama and the monsters invading the cities. This show tends to be a gateway portal for many westerners to experience anime for the first time so this trailer really doesn’t bode well for their audience.

The One Punch Man English Dub will premier July 16th only on Toonami.


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