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Splatoon Squid Sisters Stories Are Available

While the most prominent aspect of Splatoon was its robust multiplayer, there was more to it. It did not receive as much attention, but the game had a single player campaign with its own plot. It also had a cast of characters that many fans grew to like. The upcoming sequel will also have a story mode, and this time it will be available at launch. To bridge the gap between the two games, Nintendo has released a series of side stories surrounding the Squid Sisters. These are available to read online for free.

While the game itself mostly had a silly tone that complimented its bright, colorful appearance, these tales are a bit more somber. Each page also features some new watercolor art reflecting this tone. There are seven chapters in addition to a prologue. The story follows Callie and Marie after the events of the first game’s final Splatfest and sets up the plot of Splatoon 2. Brief updates on other squidizens also appear throughout the stories.

Splatoon 2 releases worldwide on July 21, 2017 as a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

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