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Splatoon 2 Splatfest: Mayo Versus Ketchup

This upcoming weekend, Splatoon 2 will be having its first Splatfest since its official release. In every region, the factions for this event will be mayo and ketchup. The war will last for 24 hours in each region, though the starting times will differ. The battle begins in Japan at 15:00 (JST) on Friday, August 4th. Next, players in Europe/Australia/NZ can start at 14:00 (AEST) on Saturday, August 5th. In North America, participants can start fighting at midnight (EDT) on Saturday.

Splatoon 2, Splatfest 1

For those who are unfamiliar with Splatfests, these are temporary events that offer unique rewards at their conclusion. Everyone who participates receives something, though those who achieve higher ranks get better rewards. Furthermore, the winning team gets more than the losers. The results are determined by the number of votes as well as the win ratios for random and team matches. During the event, players will compete in Turf War matches while only forming teams with others in their faction. For more on the game itself, you can read our review here.

Players can already log in to pick their factions and recieve their Splatfest tees. This gives everyone the opportunity to unlock abilities for every slot on their gear before the event. Furthermore, the scrubbing service costs 10% of the normal price for these shirts, so it is a great chance to farm ability chunks as well.

During this event, a new map will be available. This stage will be exclusive to this event and future Splatfests will have their own arenas as well. In addition to the mystery stage, two normal maps will be in the rotation as well.

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