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Spider-Man: Homecoming Event Hits Marvel Heroes 2016

With Spider-Man: Homecoming hitting theaters July 7th, Marvel Heroes 2016 has booted up a new in-game event to celebrate the release of the new movie!

The biggest new addition in this patch is the introduction of the new Terminal: The Daily Bugle. Unlockable at level 20, this new scenario tasks players with battling their way through the Daily Bugle building, subduing members of the Sinister Six along the way, until they reach the roof and face-off against a new boss: the Vulture! When defeated, the Vulture can drop several brand new artifacts, including:

  • Vulture’s Mechanical Wings
  • Spidey’s Webbed Wings
  • Daily Bugle Press Badge

There are a couple more, but these three are the ones I’ve seen so far.

The Vulture and the Sinister Six also bring a new Medallion with them. A new Legendary item is also now available, based on some alien tech the Vulture gathered up.

Marvel Heroes 2016 Spider-Man: Homecoming Event, Vulture

Starting June 28th, and lasting through July 12th, the following event bonuses will be active:

  • Log in each day to receive a free Spider-Man: Homecoming Fortune Card
  • 50% Bonus Experience for all Heroes
  • Additional 100% Bonus Experience when playing Iron Man or Spider-Man

Spider-Man: Homecoming Fortune Cards have a chance of dropping the following costumes:

  • Spider-Man Homecoming Homemade Suit
  • Spider-Man Homecoming Homemade Hood-Up Suit
  • Spider-Man Homecoming Suit
  • Iron Man Spider-Man Homecoming Mark 47 Armor

They can also drop the following Flourishes:

  • Vulture Wings Flourish
  • Holo-Stark Flourish
  • Spider-Man Logo Flourish

Be sure to log into Marvel Heroes 2016 and check out the new content! Now is a great time to Cosmic Prestige Spidey or Iron Man if you haven’t already. Stay tuned to TICGN for more news as it drops.

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