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Space Defender: Battle Infinity (3DS) Review

With the Nintendo Switch hogging up all of the indies ganes’ eyeballs, it can be easy to ignore that the Nintendo 3DS is still a thing. There aren’t a lot of new eShop releases for the little handheld anymore. It’s kind of saddening, if I have to be honest. Still, it’s not like it’s entirely devoid of new releases. Nintendo’s been doing a great job keeping it busy with fan favorite series and eShop games from other developers still come in every now and then. Unfortunately, this is not one of those games you need to play.


Oof. Talk about an obsolete presentation. Space Defender: Battle Infinity looks, and to a degree feels, more like a mobile phone game from 2005 than it does a 2018 Nintendo 3DS game. The artwork is all static and the few objects that have animation are totally bland. The text from the commander is riddled with punctuation errors and there are super basic loading screens that take longer than they should.


Do you like massively compressed music and sound effects? If so, Battle Infinity has you covered! As if the visuals weren’t already behind the times, the sound feels straight out of an early 2000s Flash game. Maybe if the sounds themselves felt classical there would be some charm to it. Unfortunately, the game has very generic shoot and hit sound effects; the space ambiance is also nothing you’re unfamiliar with.


If there’s anything Space Defender: Battle Infinity doesn’t have, it’s basic design philosophy. The game doesn’t follow any of the standards you’ve come to expect from shoot ’em ups. Instead of gunning down bunches of enemies across an energetic landscape, you’re instead meandering through space shooting enemies only when they feel like showing up. The game constantly reuses the same primitive types of enemies over and over again, never improving as it goes on. And it goes on for a LONG time. Somehow they had the gall to pad this game out for sixty levels. Because you need a set amount of points to move on and enemies slowly pop up, however, each level can take up to ten minutes!

This is without even discussing the fact you have a finite amount of ammo. Yet, this isn’t an issue for the player because power-ups appear generously often. This even eventually includes screen nuke weapons and extra lives. But if you want to end the level as quickly as possible, you need to lose all of your lives as soon as you get a star. Star rankings are present in all the levels. All three are awarded if you get a high enough amount of points but the game is so easy it’s very unnecessary. You’d also already be burnt out by the time you get one star because the game always raises how many points you need every time you play a new level.


Space Defender: Battle Infinity certainly feels like it goes on for infinity. Given its incredibly boring pace and design choices – that is far from a good thing. The game is such a drag that it takes several more hours to beat than any other game in the genre. Length doesn’t mean very much if the game itself isn’t fun and boy does this game beat down how little fun there is. It’s the same monotonous gameplay for sixty levels straight. No significant change-ups, no challenges to conquer, and no exciting moments are to be found.

Should you happen to spend $9.99 to play this, though, here’s a fun fact: I hated the recurring “big” enemy so much that I accidentally found a glitch where pausing the game makes him disappear. That will save you tons of ammo. Then again, you should know better than to spend that much money on something this poor.

Review copy provided by Denvzla Estudio

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With the Nintendo Switch hogging up all of the indies ganes' eyeballs, it can be easy to ignore that the Nintendo 3DS is still a thing. There aren't a lot of new eShop releases for the little handheld anymore. It's kind of saddening, if...Space Defender: Battle Infinity (3DS) Review