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Sony to end production of PlayStation Vita soon

The sun is finally setting on the PlayStation Vita. Sony’s beleaguered handheld – which some would argue is the greatest handheld console ever made – has endured competition from the Nintendo 3DS and the rise of gaming on mobile devices. The Vita even thrived long after Sony stopped making games for it thanks to to the independent developers and a slew of quality titles from Japan. Even so, all good things must come to an end and Sony will cease producing Vita consoles “soon”.

Sony has declined to give a specific date but if you check the product pages for both the Black and Aqua Blue models of the Vita you will see that shipments are to be completed soon. (The text is in Japanese so you may need to translate them.) My guess is that Vita production will officially cease in April or May.

Don’t forget that the final Vita games given for free on PlayStation Plus will only be available until March 8th.

I had imported an Aqua Blue Vita console from Japan earlier this month and if you are looking to pick up a new system for yourself then I suggest you do so now. They probably will not get any cheaper. If anything, a new Vita will only be harder to find and more expensive as time goes on.

Source: Gematsu

Jason Mckendricks
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