Sony signs new director for Uncharted movie

Sony is hoping that the long delayed production of the Uncharted movie will finally move forward after spending about a decade in development Hell. Dan Trachtenberg has been tapped to assume the role of director Shawn Levy abandoned the project back in December. This is a somewhat surprising move since Trachtenberg has a rather short list of director credits under his belt. He is best known for directing 10 Cloverfield Lane and an episode of Black Mirror.

It appears that Tom Holland of Spider-Man fame is still on board to star as rogue Nathan Drake.

An Uncharted movie has been in the works for almost eleven years now. At one point Mark Whalberg was tapped to play Drake and that film would have been directed by David O. Russell. A total of four directors have signed up and ultimately abandoned the project before Trachtenberg stepped up to helm the film.

The latest iteration of the script serves as a prequel to the Uncharted game trilogy. That is fitting given the relatively young age of Tom Holland. The young Nathan Drake will be trained by Sully.

What do you think about the newest director for the Uncharted movie? Is the project finally on the right track?

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