Sony Playstation 5 Pre-Order Strategy Sloppy and Greedy?


The PlayStation showcase was an amazing show. But the pre-order info was really bad. They didn’t say anything at the end of the show left you questing when can your pre-order. I drove to GameStop after the show employees said they didn’t have any pre-order information. I went home logged on to twitter I seen a tween from Jeff Kelie saying pre-orders are dropping today! I was like this got to be fake news. So Looked at the official PlayStation post it said preorders are happening at select retailers.h What does that mean? I saw a tweet from one of our Team Members here at Ticgamesnetwork saying people lied up at GameStop. I grabbed my keys and drove to the nearest store Sign on the window sold out. I drove to 7 Gamestops all sold out of pre-orders. I am so mad! Gamestop is the best choice for me to pre-order my system due to the fact I can make payments to get me a system. I got a phone call from one my friends he goes by the name of CornFlakeJones So i decided to record are conversation and turn it to podcast Enjoy The 1st episode of For The Fans By The Fans