Sony IR Day 2019

Sony IR Day 2019: Next Generation PlayStation Is Immersive and Seamless

During the Sony IR Day 2019 presentation for investors, Sony talked a fair bit about what to expect from the next generation of PlayStation and the different areas the company was investing in. Jim Ryan, the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) talked at length about the focus of the company and how streaming will play a part of the next generation.

Here’s a summary of everything that was talked about during Sony IR Day 2019:
  • The PlayStation 4 will remain “the engine of engagement and profitability” for the next three years
  • SIE believes in the strength of owned IP, with games like God of War selling over 10 million copies
  • The next generation will support discs, downloads and streaming
  • The two keywords for the future are “seamless” and “immersive” which will be accomplished using an SSD in the next console while leveraging Remote Play and PlayStation Now (PS NOW)
  • SIE is focused on reducing costs moving forward, though their ability to do so is limited by the transition to next-gen
  • PlayStation Now has 15 datacenters, with the service available in 19 countries
  • There are currently 700,000 PS NOW subscribers
  • “One Sony Collaboration” will have Sony Music working with Sony developers and the newly announced PlayStation Productions

Earlier this year, PlayStation surprised everyone by announcing the first details of the “next-generation PlayStation” through an exclusive interview with Wired. As more information on the next PlayStation console becomes available, we’ll continue to keep you updated.

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