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Sony Announces PS4 Pro; Launch Date & Price

Following the announcement of the PS4 Slim at the PlayStation Meeting today, the lead architect for the PS4 and the Vita took to the stage to reveal a new console known as the PS4 Pro. This system is best described as a more robust PlayStation console which can render graphics in 4K resolution and utilize HDR processing to make visuals appear more realistic than any PlayStation title has before.

Cerny demonstrated the benefits of HDR by showcasing several games such as Days Gone, For Honor and Shadow of Mordor as we have seen them before on the old PlayStation 4 console and how the visuals look much more realistic in HDR mode. Cerny finished by showing footage of an upcoming game, Horizon: Zero Dawn in 4K resolution with HDR processing. A screenshot appears below but keep in mind that this was taken from a live stream and reduced to 720p resolution so the actual gameplay graphics will be much sharper. Even so, you should still be able to see the improved color spectrum of the visuals.

All of your older PS4 games will still work on the PS4 Pro. It will be up to the developers to decide how to use the improved capabilities of the PS4 Pro. Activision has confirmed that the PS4 Pro is capable of 4K graphics running at 60 frames per second. Call of Duty fans will be delighted to know that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will support PS4 Pro features right out of the box.

Electronic Arts has confirmed that Battlefield 1, FIFA 17 and Mass Effect: Andromeda will also support PS4 Pro features.

Andrew House has announced that new versions of the Netflix and YouTube apps will stream video to the PS4 Pro in 4K resolution.

Expect the PlayStation Neo to be available on November 10th for $399 USD.

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