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Sonic Mania is A BRAND NEW 2D SONIC GAME!!!!!!

OH MY GOD!!!!! Okay, I never would’ve imagined that this would happen. Ever. I’m talking about the announcement of Sonic Mania. This is because I remember during Sonic Team’s interview with Nintendo Power back when Sonic 4: Episode 1 was in the making. They stated the reason why the modern Sonic model was in place of the SEGA Genesis-era Sonic was because it was a (then) new game in the series. This was further put into place when it was said that Classic Sonic wouldn’t return in solo installments after Sonic Generations came and went.

And now, as the Sonic 25th Anniversary party is going on, they drop the bomb and announce that Christian Whitehead (who did the amazing Sonic remakes on iOS/Android) and co. are working with SEGA to develop a brand new flipping Genesis-like Sonic game for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC!

At the time of this writing, the party is still going on, so there’s a good chance the announcement of the new game by Sonic Team will still be around the corner. Personally, though? I’m incredibly hyped for this game alone! For the first time since the Sonic Advance series, there will be a new Sonic game that plays like the SEGA Genesis classics. Judging by the gameplay shown in the trailer, this looks to be that Freedom Planet woke up SEGA and made them see that there’s still a huge demand for a title of this caliber (with similar scale in level design and crisp sprites to boot)!

Are you guys as hyped as I am?!

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