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Solo Leveling Webtoon Gets an English Trailer

The Solo Leveling Webtoon is taking the anime community by storm with every new chapter. DNC Webtoon has released a new trailer for the webtoon, this time in English. It is different from its previous trailer so make sure to take a look at it below. Fans of the series are still holding out hope that one day soon we will get an anime adaptation announcement for the series. Hopefully, it does as this has become one of my all-time favorite series.

Currently, the Solo Leveling Webtoon has 100 chapters and is getting more intense as the story progresses. Let us know what you think of the trailer in the comment section below and if you haven’t read the series will you be checking it out anytime soon.

Want to know more about Solo Leveling? The story follows E-rank hunter Sung Jin-Woo, who is known throughout the hunters as the “world’s weakest hunter”, who struggles in the lowest of dungeons. One day near the brink of death, Jin-Woo receives a message only he can see. By training win accordance with the quest given to him by the mysterious system, he aims to go from the weakest Hunter to the strongest S-rank Hunter.

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