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SNES Prototype for Rayman Released Online

Last year, Rayman creator Michel Ancel revealed to the Internet that he discovered a prototype of the game in his basement. It is believed that this is the first prototype his team burnt onto a cartridge back when the game was being developed for the Super Nintendo. There were some hopes that the ROM could be released to the public one day, but it seemed nothing more came out of the reveal beyond Ancel’s Instagram pictures.

Until today.

Omar Cornut, co-founder of Lizardcube (the folks that made Wonderboy: The Lizard’s Trap), received the build from Michel Ancel to dump it online for preservation purposes. Now anyone with an SNES emulator can experience some of the early stages of Rayman‘s development firsthand! Just know that this is an extremely early build. It doesn’t have much of the features present in the version shown in old magazine screenshots; all that’s playable here is this one room, and Rayman himself isn’t as flexible as he would later become. All he can do is jump and do an idle animation, although it looks like development on his fist-throwing started by this point.

Nevertheless, it’s a piece of history that’s to be appreciated. And who knows? Maybe later builds of the SNES version could surface in due time!

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