Six New Characters & A Brave System Revealed For Valkryia Chronicles 4

Several interesting tidbits of information about the upcoming Valkryia Chronicles 4 was dropped in the newest issue of Weekly Famitsu. This includes information on six new characters who will appear in the game. The details can be found below but be patient with me. I used the Translate app on my phone and did the best I could but some of this information may change by the time the game is released.


  • One female character is a member of Xechs Oule – a specialized unit for the Empire’s scientific institution – and was raised since childhood with another member of the group. This character has a bit of a mean streak is usually assigned to take out enemies of the unit’s director. She will be voiced by Yukiyo Fujii
  • Another vicious female character is the one who grew up with the character mentioned above and is also a member of Xechs Oule. She is tasked with protecting her unit director. Voiced by Naomi Ohzora)
  • The aforementioned director of Xechs Oule is voiced by Shou Hayami. He is an aristocrat and a very high ranking member of the Empire’s scientific instituion.
  • Kaito Ishikawa voices a military commander for Xechs Oule. You’ll see him a lot but he cannot directly participate in confrontations because he lacks use of his legs.
  • One character will be the Captain of another unit within the Imperial Army. He is devoted to serving the Empire and has a specialized tank at his disposal.
  • The final character is a Valkryia and is also known as the Queen of the Snowstorm. She will be voiced by Yukana and is very insecure about her abilities as she spent most of her life as an Imperial experiment. She is accompanied by a wolf named Fenrir.
  • Brave System

    If one of your characters is nearly dead you just might see the Brave system kick in. When this happens you are faced with a choice. You can:

  • Gain one Action Point which gives you one turn of invincibility. You can either attack or move during this state.
  • Gain one Command Point which boosts the ability of one of your companions.
  • There was also mention of six new classes. These are Assault, Sniper, Lancer, Engineer, Scout and the new Grenadier class.

    Valkryia Chronicles 4 will release for the PS4 in Japan on March 21st, 2018. The game will be released on Nintendo Switch in Japan sometime during the Summer of 2018. Valkryia Chronicles 4 will also come to Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch in Europe and the Americas during the summer of 2018.

    Thanks, Gematsu.

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